Sustainable action comprises economic growth, social responsibility and the protection of the environment and the natural resources.

This means that companies are called upon to critically examine their business decisions from a sustainability perspective for a life-serving future, in order to remain competitive in their markets.

On the basis of the objectives defined by the UN Agenda 2030 (UN Global Compact – “sustainable development goals”), we carry out an assessment with our customers and help to develop company-specific sustainability goals.
We help to align the offering with regard to sustainable and environmentally compatible products, processes (“new environmental options”) and corporate standards.

We back up the sustainability goals we have developed with appropriate action plans and key indicators to monitor progress.
We provide workshops and training courses to accompany this process, in order to ensure that all employees support these goals.
And we facilitate the preparation of the progress report (COP), in accordance with the GRI G4 guidelines for reporting according to the Global Compact principles.

We constantly extend out network of solution provider and product alternatives. With our Sustainability Cloud we support you implementing your sustainability goals.