Buyers increasingly expect their suppliers to be contactable easily and efficiently around the clock. Existing sales channels and personal relationships will still be important in the future.

However, established business models will have to change, in order not to lose out against faster and more agile competitors. The winners of the future will be those companies who understand early on, how to intelligently integrate digital sales models into their business strategy and to offer customers a consistent and exciting shopping experience across all channels.

Using digital solutions to meet sales targets requires an understanding of customer adoption and benefits of this option.

Is digitalization a threat or an opportunity?
What digital options do exist, and which are the most suitable?
What does the addition of online channels to existing sales structures mean for the organization and how are they integrated into the wider sales processes?
What new opportunities for differentiation, customer loyalty, growth, and increased efficiency are opening up and how can these advantages be leveraged?
How can the risks be managed?

These are just a few of the questions that arise in connection with the digitalization of sales processes, and that we are working on with our customers to help them find the right answers.

We understand the challenges the digital world brings to your business model, and we look at this process from a broad and pragmatic management perspective. We help you to integrate digital sales models into your sales processes smoothly, and to ensure that your organization understands and embraces this important change. We offer you a unique combination of business experience in the chemical industry, strategic and organizational consulting as well as e-commerce.

We are constantly developing our partner ecosystem with leading providers of digital sales solutions, so that we can help you to find and build the right contacts. We accompany you all the way along your journey to digitalize your sales processes, from the basic decision to the successful implementation, with a sense of proportion and an eye for what is feasible.