Building a Successful Business in Germany for Foreign Companies

Gaining a foothold in the German chemicals market

As Europe’s largest market, the German chemicals market is very attractive for many international producers. However, it takes more to succeed than a high-quality range of products and services. An excellent understanding of the market and the customers as well as the right contacts are crucial for companies who want to prevail in this demanding and highly competitive market. Besides an in-depth knowledge of customer and demand structures, distribution channels, the competitive situation, product requirements, conditions for certification, etc., it is important to identify and maintain the right business contacts, and to build the trust for a long-term partnership. Even in the age of global markets, this is by no means an easy undertaking for those suppliers, who do not have a well-established local sales structure.

Partner of leading international producers

This is not merely an issue for small and medium-sized companies, which in many cases do not have the resources to develop international markets on their own. Since many years, naBERA-CTA has also worked successfully with large companies, who are among the leading suppliers in their market sectors, both at home and worldwide.

For example, for two large manufacturers of inorganic chemical products, we have built their business in the German market “from scratch”. What began as a pure sales cooperation, has developed into a long-term strategic partnership. Mutual trust and an understanding of each other’s position have made it possible to work closely with customers, to react rapidly and flexibly to market changes and, on this basis, to build together a stable, growing business as well as a strong market position.

What can we do for you?

Whether you want to assess market opportunities, plan your market entry, or expand your existing business, we are at your disposal with our expertise. We help you to analyse the market, to develop a market strategy geared towards local needs, and to establish contacts with your target customers or distribution partners. We manage and cultivate customer relationships for you, work closely and transparently with your organization, and ensure that you are always up to date on market changes and, as a result are able to respond to them quickly and adequately.

naBERA-CTA offers you strong sales experience in the chemical industry, competence in strategy consulting and a proven network of contacts, all in one hand. We look forward to hearing from you.