Market Development

Firms planning to enter new regional markets may not be present in that target market yet. To build-up an own team in that market from the start is risky and costly. Furthermore, the development of a market from abroad meets with the challenges of local business culture, missing networks, or may even be impossible in special circumstances, such as a pandemic.

Trust is essential to establish successful and lasting business relations. However, trust needs to be built personally – and locally.

Understanding the target market and preparing a successful entry strategy is crucial to achieve desired results. Factors are the prevailing business culture, the market structure, a network and distribution channels, which suits your needs.

We work as external part of your sales and marketing team. We actively support your effort locally to achieve the targets of your marketing strategy and sales plan. All business will be directly done between you and your customer. We manage your relationships with your customers locally on your behalf.

Our focus is on the German speaking markets (D-A-CH region), but, based on our international network, we can also open doors in other European countries for you.